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Regardless of what type of remediation consulting you are involved in: interior space redesign, exterior renovation, building envelope, etc. - benefits of visualization are tremendous. Start using CATvisuals services and enjoy the benefits immediately: more bids are won, all projects are approved and completed in less time, clients are fascinated by multiple concepts and choices, right materials are selected and recommended timely...And also, isn't 3D image a great line item on your proposal to the client? 

Architectural Visualization

3D visualization is essential for architects. It helps all decision makers to understand the proposed scope of a complex project down to the lowest level of details. High-quality visual image gives a great perception of reality.

Spending a lot of resources hiring visualization professionals is a good option. Outsourcing visualization to CATvisuals to save immediately is the best option!


Our CAT (Communication, Art, Technology) concept is a paradigm for our specialty: creating customized best-quality visuals such as realistic 3D still images and animation designs. We extend our services to the clients from different industries, of various backgrounds and professional goals. We can help architectural studios, real estate developers, remodeling consulting agencies, designers, brokers, advertisers, furniture manufacturers in their everyday work.

We not only know and understand our clients, but we also know and understand our clients’ clients as well. Working on a project, you will enjoy the full advantage of outsourcing a visualization part of it to us while possessing a full control of the creation process via requirements. In the end, we guarantee an accurate representation of your or your clients’ vision. Communication is the key.


Our highly educated and professionally experienced visual and graphic artists will work on rendering and building of 3D architectural objects according to your needs.  They will add all required visual elements to create necessary moods, weather conditions, lighting, seasonal backgrounds. Textures, materials, people, animals, objects will bring essential accents to the images.


Please review Works section where you can see a collection of projects completed by our artists. Please do not hesitate to contact, we will be happy to chat about CAT.