About Us

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The studio

We are full-scale architectural visualization studio. We are a team of highly motivated professionals with extensive background in the fields of architecture, complex design, computer modeling, and project management. We are profound dreamers with the sound awareness of the reality. We are friends. We are family. We are CATvisuals.


Our mission is to achieve excellence in providing the best service through expertise, commitment and integrity. We strive to collaborate and be highly responsive to the client’s needs.

We are honored to employ the absolutely paramount resources. We highly encourage and stimulate innovation and utilization of new tools, applications, and techniques.

We promote financial responsibility and perform rational scope valuation. We are proud of our work.

Our CAT can help you!

Are you a CAT lover? We are.  Just like the flat earth on the back of a giant turtle, an effective visualization product is resting on the back of a giant CAT – solid balance of Communication, Art, and Technology.

We proudly endorse CAT. That is why we ask you to challenge us to help our CAT turn your dream into a true simulation of the reality.